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Скачать фаркакрафт карту 6 80 и игры мини клиника

DotA v6.80c AI by Chinese AI Port. Play with AI players on the DotA 6.80c. This is unofficial AI map and the tooltip is still in Chinese. Mar 4, 2014 Choose from 112 unique heroes in an epic battle to defend the Ancients. More information at www.PlayDotA.com. Rate this map: (402) Good. Mar 4, 2014 Not long ago, IceFrog released DotA 6.80c map, the third of its series' as a result of severe Gold Exploit in v6.80b which allowed any player.

IceFrog has just made DotA 6.80 available for download. The update is entirely focused on balancing, no new content has been added. The v6.80 DotA 6.80c Download by IceFrog. Dota-Allstars 6.80c Map. Fixed gold exploit with Wards.DotA v6.80c.w3x

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